Artyn mergen bandityn khural

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Name(s) of Temple :
Artyn mergen bandityn khural,

Rinchen Number :

Type of Temple :
Temporary Assembly

Aimag Temple located in :

Sum Temple located in :
Galshar soum

Old Aimag Name :
Setsen Khan

Old Sum Name :
Bishrelt vangiin khoshuu

Precis History(In Mongolian only):

Хэнтий аймгийн Галшар сумын Артын Мэргэн Бандидын хурал Хуучнаар Сэцэн хан аймгийн Бишрэлт вангийн хошуу, одоогийн Хэнтий аймгийн Галшар сумын нутаг, тал хээрийн бүсэд, Их Артын зүүн голын энгэрт уг хурал оршиж байжээ. Сумын төвөөс 54 км-т, баруун талд нь Баатархүү хад, Бандихүү хад гэж нэрлэгдсэн 2 хадан толгод, зүүн талд нь тахилгатай Жавхлант уул, урд нь Хар үхрийн худаг бий. 1934-38 оны Хүрээ хийдийн судалгаанд Бандидын хурал нь сүм дуган дацан нэгтэй байсан хэмээн тэмдэглэгджээ. Аман эх сурвалжид: Холбогдох эх сурвалж: Галшар сумын 80 жилийн ойн ном

Description of location :
In a steppe zone, the site is located on the eastern shore of Ikh Art river and is surrounded by landmarks such as 2 rocky hills named Baatarkhuu Rock and Bandikhuu Rock in the west and a mountain, Javkhlant, in the east. a mountain named Zuun Gol (The Eastern River) is worshiped. A well named Khar Ukhriin Khudag is 54 km. north of the sum centre.

GPS readings :
North 46° 40’  East 110°  49’

Revived temple on site :

Status of site at time of survey :
There is a ger temple base remaining on the site and its size in unclear.

Old monastery/temple revived:

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):

Date of Reviving:

Notes :
There is a stupa built on the site. There is a story about a dexterous Artiin Bandid, who was chosen to be a reincarnated one at age 6. It is said that when ambassadors from the Internal Ministry came to arrest him, he drew a circle that blocked any interaction with the ambassadors. After this encounter, he escaped to Inner Mongolia where he became a pupil of the Lass Monastery. However, in 1945 he was arrested to serve a 10-year sentence. He is said to be a tall, pale man. These days, he is still revered among the locals and his portrait can be found in every household. - The monastery was built in 1997 and opened on the 18th of September. - In Oct 1962, Khuuchin Galshirt (The Old Galshirt) passed away. (Balbar Jamiyandendev:1898 – 1962.) He was born on the 3rd of the winter’s first month, the year of the rat, 1898, on the western homestead of a mountain, Unegdiin Uul, in Galshir sum. From age 5 – 8, Balbar studied at the monastery of Artiin Uul and in 1931 during the purge he was arrested. With his own quick thinking skills and bravery, the dissident monk escaped from the prison to travel across to the eastern Sunud Banner in Inner Mongolia. His return to his homeland in September 1945 brought him with a lese-majesty sentence of 25 years. In September, 1956 he was released from the prison due to a reduction in his sentence. After his release, he came back to his homeland to live with his brother Tsagaan Uvgun and younger brothers Gendenjamts and Jorvoo. In 1957, he participated in the Naadam Festival with his brown-colored colt which came in first in the race. Subsequently, his trained horse was the runner up in a sum race and the first in the province race. In autumn, 1961, he passed away due to illness. Agvaanbaldan /1719 – 1864/ /Ambassador of the Great Reform movement, Philosopher of Buddshist, Historian of Philosophy/ He was born in the barren of Khardal Janjin Beis /present day Galshir sum/ in Setsen Khan province. During his youth he was a pupil of Agvaankhaidav at the Ikh Khuree where he obtained his knowledge on Buddhism. In 1831, he received his academic degree ‘Gavj’ of philosophical studies in the city Lkas in Tibet and subsequently was employed as tsorj lama /an abbot assistant/ at the Ikh Khuree. Out of 50 compositions have been found from his work of 6 volumes that had 96 compositions. He’s popular doctrines are as follows: -Гүн утгыг дурьдсан дуулал тонилохуйд орохын үүд хэмээх оршвой. -Дөрвөн тогтсон тааллын ёсны 2 үнэний тайлбар -Их тогтсон тааллын дэлгэр тайлбар -Төв үзлийн дуулал зэрэг бүтээлээрээ алдаршсан. Агваанбалдан хоосон чанартай сургаалийг барьж хумхын тоос / дульпрены / онол шүтэн барилдахын хийгээд 2 үнэний сургаалаа боловсруулсан.Аливаа философийн тогтолцоог суурь,мөр,үр хэмээх 3 асуудалд хэрхэн хандадгаар нь ялган тодорхойлж болно гэж үзжээ. Since the disbandment of the barren in April 1931, the sums Buyant and Budar were merged onto one sum named Buyant and the temples around Baga Khar Deliin Otog were integrated. Also unified are the Noyon Uul, Bayankhaan, Delgerbatmunkh and Tudevtei sums to become Galshir Sum and sums that are located nearby the Tegsh Buyant monastery such as Ulziit, Magsar and Oortsog sums were merged to become Ulziit Sum along with a reformation of the monastery to Altan Bulgiin monastery. This information is taken from a book “Khardal Janjin Beis Barren” which was published to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Galshir sum. Attached is a psalm that is used during Galshir mountain worship.

Form Number :
ХЭГЛ 055

Survey Team :
Team F

Газрын зураг / Map

Additional Material / Нэмэлт материал

ХЭГЛ 055