Khukh sum

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Name(s) of Temple :
Khukh sum,

Rinchen Number :

Type of Temple :
Temporary Assembly

Aimag Temple located in :

Sum Temple located in :
4th bag, Khotont soum

Old Aimag Name :
Sain Noyon

Old Sum Name :
Zorigt vangiin khoshuu

Description of location :
The site is located in the place called Khukh tolgoi, which is 37Km south west of Khotont soum center.

GPS readings :
North 47° 87’  East 102°  60’

Estimated site dimensions (metres) :
Side1: У12 Side2: Ө 8 Side3: Side4: Side5: Side6:

Revived temple on site :

Status of site at time of survey :
The site is visible. The surface ground of the site is slightly elevated (above the surrounding land).

Date of founding the monastery/temple :
1880-d on

Date of closing and destroying the monastery :
Огноо хаагдсан: 1937 on - Ярилцлагын дугаар:001
Огноо нураагдсан:: 1960-d on - Ярилцлагын дугаар:001

Old monastery/temple revived:

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):
Нэр, цол хэргэм : Zorigt gunii khureenii Unzad lam Perenleijamts - Ярилцлагын дугаар: 001

Date of Reviving:

Monks in Old Temple :
approximately 3-4 monks
approximately 3-4 monks

Notes :
Khukh sum temple was attached to the Zorigt Gunii Khuree (monastery of Zorigt Gun). It was a temporary khural (chanting place). The temple was closed down in 1937. In 1963 the building was dismantled to provide construction materials for the creamery in the soum center.

Form Number :
АРХТ 059

Survey Team :
Team E

Газрын зураг / Map