Odon süm

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Odon süm,English name: Temple of stars,

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the area of Amgalan

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GPS was taken at Dar’ ekhiin süm (UBR 931 Rinchen 931) and is given here only to mark the area of Amgalan (its temples were situated very near to each other). This temple was situated immediately to the south of Dar’ ekhiin süm.

GPS хаяг :
North 47° 54’  East 106°  55’

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Судалгаа явуулах үеийн байдал :
There are no known remains. Based on the sources, the exact sites of the temples of Amgalan can be determined roughly in relation to the ruins of Dar’ ekh temple (UBR 931 Rinchen 931) and the remnants of a Chinese store building. In the whole area there are no temple remnants other than that of Dar’ ekh temple.

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Although most of the written sources mention just seven temples situated in Maimaachen, according to Pürew (Mongol töriin golomt, p. 102.), there were seven other ones, among them Odon süm. It was situated to the south of the Tara temple (Dar Ekhiin süm, UBR 931 Rinchen 931) within the same fenced enclosure, also inside the Chinese town’s wall. Maybe it was an astrological shrine. All data on this temple is kindly provided by Kristina Teleki and Zsuzsa Majer who retain copyright. See relevant section in Monasteries and Temples of Bogdiin Khüree, Ikh Khüree or Urga, the Old Capital City of Mongoliain the First Part of the Twentieth Century: Zsuzsa Majer, Krisztina Teleki Budapest, Hungary. Ulaanbaatar 2006. See also UBNR 945 AM.pdf

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UBNR 945

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