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Shaddublin khiid ,Tibetan name: bshad-sgrub-gling, bshad-sgrub (dge’-‘phel) byang-chub-gling, bshad-sgrub ‘jam-dpal byang-chub-gling,Nomlol büteel bayan arvidakh Bod’ tiv,Nomlon büteeliin khiid,Nyamba dayaanii Shaddüvlin khiid,Ikh shaviin Dayaanii Shaddüvlingiin Khüree,English name: Shaddublin/Shaddüvlin monastery, Shaddüvlin meditational monastery,Shadduvlin/Shadüvlin/Shaddüvlin/Shaddivlin,Shaddüv gepel janchüvlin,Shaddüv jambal janchüvlin,

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Shaddublin khiid

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According to S. Dulam (pp. 88-90.), a monastery called Shaddübgempillin (an alternative spelling variation being Shaddüwgepellin, Tib. bshad-sgrub dge-’phel gling) was founded in 1858 in the Chingeltei mountain about 10 km far north of Ikh Khüree, on the right bank of the Selbe river in Shaddüwlin valley. GPS taken at the old tree marking the monastery site.

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North 48° 00’  East 106°  52’

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All the buildings of the monastery complex were wooden as was the fence. Today there are no remains. A tree, decorated by ceremonial silken scarves (khadag), is the only marker of the place where the complex was situated. There are two owoos next to the tree. This ancient place of meditation now is totally occupied by weekend houses. However, according to Jan Felgentreu, there was a smaller building, supposedly a retreat temple about 500 meters up on the hillside from the complex. (It is highly possible it was used for retreats although there are no written sources confirming this.) Some bricks remained on the site and the foundation of the temple is indicated by mounds or a brim. The Tilopa Centre, a Karma kagyu organization founded in June 2004 by Jan Felgentreau, has built a new retreat center there, with a small temple and four huts intended for meditation for their members and anyone else who wishes to do a retreat. They plan to use the remaining old bricks of the small temple that once stood there to build a stupa on the site. Besides reviving religious activities on this old site, Tilopa center has other projects in Mongolia, working together with some monasteries in Ulaanbaatar and in the Gobi area. On the website of Tilopa center there is a picture showing the remains of what is said to be the remnants of the old meditation temple. In 2007 spring the site, situated up on a hillside on the north side of Shaddüwlin valley, was visited by the researchers. There are two wooden temple buildings, in front of them a small house for the guard who was the only person who resided there that time. The ruins are said to have situated on the east side of the two temple buildings, but nothing is visible of them, as a new building is being built on its site. On the east there are also some meditational huts standing. The complex is used only in summer as a meditational retreat. The area is surrounded by a small wooden fence.

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According to S. Dulam it was founded in 1858
According to Banzragch it was founded by the 5th j

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16 fully ordained lamas (gelen) and 4 novices acco

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For detailed history of Shaddublin khiid see UBR 937 AM.pdf. All data on this temple is kindly provided by Kristina Teleki and Zsuzsa Majer who retain copyright. See relevant section in Monasteries and Temples of Bogdiin Khüree, Ikh Khüree or Urga, the Old Capital City of Mongolia in the First Part of the Twentieth Century: Zsuzsa Majer, Krisztina Teleki Budapest, Hungary. Ulaanbaatar 2006

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