Suree dekhi khurlyn gazar

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Name(s) of Temple :
Suree dekhi khurlyn gazar,

Rinchen Number :

Type of Temple :

Aimag Temple located in :

Sum Temple located in :
Burd soum

Old Aimag Name :
Tusheet Khan

Description of location :
The temple has been included in the survey because it is shown on a map preserved in the Burd soum museum, as being located in the place called Baruun Suree. The survey team were unable to visit the site. Hence no GPS readings could be taken.

Revived temple on site :

Status of site at time of survey :
The place was not visited by the surveyors. The only source about the existence of this old assembly is the map/picture showing the old monastic sites of Bürd Sum. This picture hangs in the museum in the centre of Bürd Sum. The place is marked there being in the west part of the sum. It is worth to visit the place and looking for local people who have heard about it. Nobody give any data on it in the sum centre.

Site used for other purpose :

Date of founding the monastery/temple :

Date of closing and destroying the monastery :
Огноо хаагдсан: Unknown - Ярилцлагын дугаар:

Site used for other purpose :

Old monastery/temple revived:

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):
Нэр, цол хэргэм : Unknown - Ярилцлагын дугаар:

Date of Reviving:

Monks in Old Temple :

Form Number :
ӨХБҮ 001

Survey Team :
Team C

Газрын зураг / Map