Tavin jas

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Name(s) of Temple :
Tavin jas,

Rinchen Number :

Rinchen Name :
Tavin lamyn khural

Type of Temple :
Not Known

Aimag Temple located in :

Sum Temple located in :
Adaatsag soum

Old Aimag Name :
Tusheet Khan

Description of location :
Baga Adaatsag is on the rear and Ikh Adaatsag and Tsagaan ovoo are in front of the site. Gurvan chikh ovoo, Tsagaan ovoo, Ulaan ovoo, and Black ovoos are sacred ovoos that are all worshiped.

GPS readings :
North 46° 23’  East 105°  44’

Estimated site dimensions (metres) :
Side1: 100 Side2: 100 Side3: Side4: Side5: Side6:

Revived temple on site :

Status of site at time of survey :
Chültem monk, who once belonged to the monastery came to the site and showed the place of the old temples to the surveyors. The site is covered in litter, many new bricks, and part of it is built on. Some blue bricks were found at the site of the ruined temples. There is a holy water spring nearby. The four peaks surrounding the whole area are protected by four spirits (see the drawing).

Site used for other purpose :
The area is inbuilt.

Date of founding the monastery/temple :

Date of closing and destroying the monastery :
Огноо хаагдсан: - Ярилцлагын дугаар:
Огноо нураагдсан:: 1937-1939 - Ярилцлагын дугаар:A 48

Site used for other purpose :
The area is inbuilt.

Old monastery/temple revived:

Revived temple register number:
ДУАЦ 029

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):
Нэр, цол хэргэм : luvsanbaldan - Ярилцлагын дугаар: A 46
Нэр, цол хэргэм : Bazar - Ярилцлагын дугаар: A 46, A 47
Нэр, цол хэргэм : Chultem - Ярилцлагын дугаар: A 46, A 48

Date of Reviving:
Year : 1990 - Ярилцлагын дугаар: A 48
Year : 1990 - Ярилцлагын дугаар: A 46

Monks in Old Temple :
100 monks
100 monks

Notes :
Interview A48 According to Chültem (born 1920), who was a monk of 50 jas between 7-14 years of age, the monastery consisted of 7 datsans: Ikh jas, Lamiin chodowiin jas, Yogiin jas, Nügneen, Khailangiin jas, Günregiin jas, and Düinkhor. He participated in the ceremonies of Yogiin jas, where his master, Namkhai lam belonged to. The main protector of the monastery was Lkham. The temple buildings were fenced-off and were made of mainly bricks, as there was a brick building kiln nearby. Ikh Adaatsag ovoo and Tsagaan ovoo to the south, were worshipped. About 100 monks belonged to the complex with many young novices among them. The heads of the monastery were the ikh lovon and baga lovon. He mentioned Tsegmed lovon and Dontor lam as famous monks of the monastery, and his own master, Yogiin bagsh Namkhai, who was an astrologer monk and a lüijin master as well. He was the master of almost every monk of the monastery. Maitreya was circumambulated on the 3rd of the middle autumn month. Kanjur volumes were circumambulated on a camel and delivered around the khoshuu for about 10-30 days. Chültem monk participated once in the circumambulation, which was held once a year. Chinese lived near the well and on the hill, mainly merchants. There were many zoch masters belonging to the monastery, but without their own temples. According to Chültem monk, 2 brothers established the monasteries of Khorin jas (ДУАЦ 028) and 50 jas, therefore they operated as ‘fraternal’ monasteries (akh düü). The older brother established 50 jas and the younger one initiated 20 jas according to the legend. The monasteries of the sum were destroyed between 1937-1939. remark: The name of 50 jas reflects the number of monks that was permitted when it was first founded. According to Ch. Bazar monk, who belonged to Khorin jas monastery before the purges, the monasteries of 20 jas (ДУАЦ 028), Tavin jas and Zuut (ДУАЦ 026) were fraternal monasteries. Their names originated from the number of monks, as Khorin jas was permitted to 20 monks, Tavin jas for 50 monks and Zuut for 100 monks when they were first founded.

Form Number :
ДУАЦ 030

Survey Team :
Team C


Oral History :


Oral History :

Газрын зураг / Map

Site Plan

Site plan drawn by surveyors