Budaryn jas

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Name(s) of Temple :
Budaryn jas,

Rinchen Number :

Rinchen Name :
Budaryn khural

Type of Temple :

Aimag Temple located in :

Sum Temple located in :
Airag soum

Old Aimag Name :
Setsen Khan

Old Sum Name :
Borjigony khoshuu

Description of location :
This site is found slightly to the east of Bayan ers.There are rocky cliff mountains surrounding the site that stands in an homogeneous valley. To the east of the site, in some 2 km., is a sacred mountain, Budar. To the north of the mountain Budar is the river Uizengiin Us, to the northwest is a river Altgana neighbouring with Zuun Ulaan at its east and to the norhtwest is a place called Baruun Ulaan. It is 35 km. east of Airag sum.

GPS readings :
North 45° 30’  East 109°  39’

Estimated site dimensions (metres) :
Side1: 200 Side2: 200 Side3: 200 Side4: 200 Side5: Side6:

Revived temple on site :

Status of site at time of survey :
A stone building with its roof fallen is located northeast of two residential stone units and the base of a stone ger-shaped building. It was a small temple site.

Old monastery/temple revived:

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):

Date of Reviving:

Monks in Old Temple :
not clear
not clear

Notes :
Monks from the Choir used to assemble and practice.

Form Number :
ДГАГ 137

Survey Team :
Team E

Газрын зураг / Map