Buuralyn khural

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Name(s) of Temple :
Buuralyn khural,

Rinchen Number :

Rinchen Name :
Buurlyn khural

Type of Temple :
Temporary Assembly

Aimag Temple located in :

Sum Temple located in :
Darkhan-Uul Khongor sum

Old Aimag Name :
Tusheet Khan

Old Sum Name :
Baatar vangiin khoshuu

Description of location :
The site has now been ploughed over for crop production. Religious objects found during the ploughing were collected and placed in an ovoo that has been erected on the site.

GPS readings :
North 49° 17’  East 105°  58’

Estimated site dimensions (metres) :
Side1: 02 Side2: Side3: Side4: Side5: Side6:

Revived temple on site :

Status of site at time of survey :
There are no visible remains as the site area is now used for growing crops. Pottery Buddha statues found in the area have been placed on the ovoo.

Old monastery/temple revived:

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):

Date of Reviving:

Monks in Old Temple :
not clear
not clear

Form Number :
ДАХР 025

Survey Team :
Team B

Газрын зураг / Map