Dar’ ekhiin süm

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Dar’ ekhiin süm ,English name: Tara temple,

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Dar’ ekhiin süm

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Байршлын тайлбар :
Bayanzürkh district, 12th microdistrict, near the final bus station of Botanik. GPS was taken in front of the main gate (on the north of the complex)

GPS хаяг :
North 47° 54’  East 106°  59’

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Судалгаа явуулах үеийн байдал :
Presently a nunnery, called Dolmalin khiid works in the remained buildings of this old Chinese monastery, the only one in Ulaanbaatar currently with resident female lamas. The main gate is on the Northern wall. Only the main temple and the two temples on either side remain and these have been renovated. The main temple functions as such today while the two side buildings are the residence of the female lamas, of whom all live in the nunnery. During the winter, ceremonies are held in the temple room situated in the right side residential building. The two steles are in the middle at the south end of the buildings on the two sides. The ornaments, style and characteristics of the remains show Chinese features. A new stupa was consecrated by Choden rinpoche in 2004 on the north of the main temple building. For more information see UB 29 AM.pdf

Сүм хийд байгуулагдсан он :
1776 (230 years ago - in 2006)

Сүм хийд хаагдсан, нураагдсан он :
Огноо хаагдсан: According to D. Mönkhbat (p. 16), some buildings - Ярилцлагын дугаар:
Огноо хаагдсан: According to Pürew (Mongol töriin golomt, p. 103 - Ярилцлагын дугаар:
Огноо нураагдсан:: - Ярилцлагын дугаар:

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New monastery/temple register number :
UB 29

Үүсгэн байгуулагч хүний нэр болон цол хэргэм (мэдэгдэж байвал):
Нэр, цол хэргэм : Zopa Rinpoche, the founder of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) - Ярилцлагын дугаар:

Date of Reviving:
Year : 2001 - Number of recorded interview:
Year : early 1990s first community - Number of recorded interview:

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Тэмдэглэл :
For more details on this temple see UBR 931 AM.pdf and UB 29 AM.pdf. All data on this temple is kindly provided by Kristina Teleki and Zsuzsa Majer who retain copyright. See relevant section in Monasteries and Temples of Bogdiin Khüree, Ikh Khüree or Urga, the Old Capital City of Mongolia in the First Part of the Twentieth Century: Zsuzsa Majer, Krisztina Teleki Budapest, Hungary. Ulaanbaatar 2006

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UBR 931

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UBR 931

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