Nartad Daginiin khural

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Nartad Daginiin khural,DAMDIN LAMIIN KHURAL,Damdin lamiin khural,

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GPS was taken at the 50th food shop

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North 47° 54’  East 106°  54’

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As the assembly worked inside a yurt, there are no remains and the site has been completely built over.

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хуучин хийдийн лам нар
20-30 lamas with some women among them

Тэмдэглэл :
Nartad Daginiin khural, led by Damdin lama, was in the South-west khoroo, quarter (Baruun ömnöd khoroo) of the city, a district where laymen lived. According to Dashtseren lama, Damdin lamiin khural was situated in the Eastern part of the South-west quarter, but he knew only this name and could not confirm that was also called ‘Nartad Daginiin khural’. According to Pürew (Mongol töriin golomt, p. 75., Mongoliin uls töriin töw, p. 42.) Nartad dagnangiin or Damdin lamiin khural was situated to the south of the current location of the State Department Store, where the 50th food shop (Khünsnii baraanii 50-r delgüür) is now situated. Prior to its destruction, it was the eastern branch of Usnii gudamj, a street called ’Water Street’ in the South-west quarter (see introduction, Lay Population Quarters part). According to Dashtseren lama, the assembly operated in a yurt with around 20-30 lamas with some women among them as well. It was a mixed Gelukpa – Nyingmapa temple. Daily chanting ceremonies were held. According to Dashtseren lama, there is no-one alive from the lamas of this assembly in 2005. No other data was found on this assembly neither is the meaning of the name (Nartad Dagniin khural) clear. See UBR 016 AM.pdf for more information. All data on this temple is kindly provided by Kristina Teleki and Zsuzsa Majer who retain copyright. See relevant section in Monasteries and Temples of Bogdiin Khüree, Ikh Khüree or Urga, the Old Capital City of Mongolia in the First Part of the Twentieth Century: Zsuzsa Majer, Krisztina Teleki Budapest, Hungary. Ulaanbaatar 2006

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